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The world renound ruby mines at Mogok, Burma

The sapphire mines at Bang Kacha, Chanthaburi, Thailand.

Gem mining at Pailin, Cambodia.

Sapphire mining at Bo Ploi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Ruby mining at Bo Rai, Trat, Thailand.

The marble village of Sagyin, Shan State, Burma.

About Apsara Gems

Apsara is a gem wholesale company based in London, England. We have been supplying fine quality rubies, sapphires & other coloured gems to Jewellers and jewellery manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom, since 1987. Each gem we stock has been carefully selected for it’s good colour, cutting, clarity, lustre and brilliance. All our stones are sourced and imported into the United Kingdom directly by ourselves, ensuring the best value to our customers. Our gems are of fine quality and suitable for all kinds of jewellery manufacture.

Untreated rubies and sapphires from Mogok.


Untreated rubies & sapphires before & after cutting.


Our specialties include a selection of Rubies from Mogok, Mozambique, Mong Hsu, Madagascar, Tanzania & Thailand. We also stock Blue Sapphires from Africa, Ceylon & Madagascar, Pailin in Cambodia, and Kanchanaburi in Thailand. Each of these deposits produces it's own distinct type of Blue Sapphire, which ensures we always have a wide variety of shades of blue. We stock a range of Blue Sapphires from the paler Ceylon to the mid-blue Madagascan, through to the deeper blues from Cambodia & Tanzania.


We also have a wide variety of Fancy Coloured Sapphires for those who prefer something a little different. Pink Sapphires from Madagascar, Burma & Ceylon. Yellow sapphires from Ceylon & Africa, Green Sapphires from Ban Kacha in Thailand and the occasional piece from Madagascar. We also stock other coloured gemstones including Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Tourmaline, Spinel, Spessartite and many other types of coloured gems.

Blue star sapphire from Mogok, Burma.


Untreated pink sapphire crystals from Mogok, Burma.

We also offer a full approbation service & the use of our online Gem Shop to all our account holding customers.

Trade enquiries originating from the United Kingdom are welcome. Email us for more information.





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